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Expert Advice on Protective Coating Projects


Al Khayrat is offering supply & applies protective coating services, cover a wide range of applications in the industrial world, from oil and gas and power generation to infrastructure and light industry.
Al Khayrat also offers customers’ expert advice to ensure every coating lasts as long as it should and every application procedure is as fast and efficient as possible.  Well trained, hugely experienced and dedicated, our coatings advisors are on hand to give you advice at every stage of your project, from initialspecifications to final application.

There are many reasons for premature failure; however, more than 90 per cent of premature coating failures are caused by either defective surface preparation, improper application or a combination of the two.

That’s why we offer to oversee your application procedure onsite. This way, we can make sure your coating is applied correctly in the correct condition, and we can help ensure you get the optimum protection for the longest period of time.

Al Khayrat is supplying PC products from Hempel Paint, a Danish multinational company with almost 100 years of experience in the paint industry. It is the biggest private paint company in the world with factories and offices in all five continents. Hempel has a very strong presence in the Middle East with six factories in UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Syria. The company is currently supplying Aramco, KOC, KNPC, ADNOC, Qatar Gas and many more and therefore have a long track record in the region. 

Al Khayrat is working with PetrolLavor
The Company not only operate in surfaces preparation and protective treatment, both in naval and industrial market, but also on those plants that require cleaning up and decontamination, pipe line decontamination, pipe line sanitation and insulation, petrol tanks and maintenance of refinery plants.

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