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Corporate Overview


Al Khayrat is the number one choice for engineering, procurement construction and oil services in Iraq. Since its inception and registration in 1995, Al Khayrat has been founded on the key principle of providing first class customer service. It has since built itself an impressive reputation for delivering high quality projects across Jordan and Iraq.

Al Khayrat is an Iraqi owned company with offices in Jordan (Amman), the United Kingdom (London) and Iraq (Baghdad and Basra) and works together with various international partners. In 2005 Al Khayrat formed a consortium with ABKARR and ARCHS, working together on construction projects in Iraq. In 2011 Al Khayrat was registered in Iraq and formed further alliances with HillStone International (affordable housing solutions), NRI (a state-of the-art pipe repair and reinforcement technology services).

The company is now renowned amongst both suppliers and customers for its ability to deliver
competitive solutions and such ability has derived from our unrivalled purchasing power and unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment to every job.

We are contracted by both government entities and commercial customers and our projects have therefore improved local economies, aiding the stability of those communities to eventually improve the quality of life for individuals and concurrently assisted individual and corporate businesses to become more profitable.

Al Khayrat is growing both in numbers and in strength having had in excess of 840 employees and currently partnering with various international companies to enhance our existing strategy. By 2010, our revenues together with our partnering ventures have exceeded US$100 million.


  • Construction;
  • Engineering & Technology;
  • Procurement;
  • Oil and Gas Services;
  • Water Treatment (including distribution and storage service);
  • Infrastructure (including communication networks, power distribution and generation).

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