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Sinan Kafil-Husain, Shareholder & General Manager

Mr. kafil-Husain is a shareholder and general manager of Al Khayrat, which was set up in 1995, an Iraqi and Jordanian construction enterprise.  Al Khayrat now predominantly works in the Iraqi construction sector.

In 1995 Mr. Kafil-Husain also became the managing director at Al sharq for construction co. Ltd in Jordan, a successful Jordanian construction company. Mr. Kafil-Husain is also a shareholder at Enterprises for Property and Tourist Investment LLC (EPTICO) which is broadly an investment company specializing in investments in real estate, industry, tourism and finance.

As a shareholder of Al Rafdaeen for Project Development, a Jordanian company founded by King Abdulla II of Jordan that specializes in general investments, Mr. Kafil-Husain sits on the board and exercises his expertise on investments in construction and development.

Additionally, Mr. Kafil-Husain is a founder and member of the Iraq Business Counsel (IBC). The IBC is a non-profit organization with a membership of Iraqi businesses and companies involved in trade and investment.

Mr. Kafil-Husain primary education took place in Iraq, following which he obtained his post-graduate degree (MBA) in the United Kingdom and then went on to train at Citibank, London.

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