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fire & gas instrumentation

Al Khayrat Instruments provide a totally safe range of products that can meet all the safety requirements of our clients. We engineer and supply high quality solutions to both simple and complex fire and gas detection problems, leaving your facility, employees, and environment safe and secure. 

Our highly successful fire and gas detection systems are the industry standard for lower flammable limit (LFL) and total hydrocarbon monitoring, and are installed and used under the most demanding condition.

Al Khayrat Instruments fire and gas detection offer advanced technology   products includes continuous process analyzers, BTU analyzers, flammable gas monitors, oxygen monitors, and remote access and control devices for all of your fire and gas detection and solvent vapor monitoring needs.

Our mission statement is to source the best products worldwide to provide Safety Equipment to help you challenge the hazards you encounter in your own particular Industry.

Process Monitoring

LFL sensors for measuring flammable gases, vapors, mixtures of multiple solvents, in low oxygen, elevated temperatures, and inert atmospheres. BTU analyzers for direct measurement of calorific value, ranging from 0 to 1300 BTU/ft3

Emission Monitoring

For monitoring hydrocarbon destructive systems, solvent recovery breakthrough, waste incinerators, and other VOC applications.

Area Monitoring

For measuring flammable gases, oxygen, or toxic gases.

Remote Access and Control

For viewing, accessing, and controlling multiple remote sensors from a convenient central location.